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I am a working Mum who has been busy and who has overeaten in my past. I overate to have enough energy through the day (especially sugar), for a reward (mostly after dinner when I finally sat down) and sometimes just to feel better when I was stressed with my 2 little boys, work, or even money. 

Being overweight is draining. It's a cycle of eating to feel better, and then beating yourself up for being over your ideal weight.  It's the opposite of self confident and affects how you show up in the world. I was unhappy in myself and that unhappiness filtered through to my family. I did not feel sexy and felt ugly in clothes that were previously my favorite 'feel good' clothes. My emotions were reactive with my boys instead of how I wanted to show up with compassion and love. I was creating a lot of unhappiness in my life. 

When I committed to losing weight by following my program of the newest weight loss tools and concepts, I was not quite prepared for the main side effect - improvement in the relationship with myself and keeping the weight off in a way where I didn't feel deprived or like an outcast. 

These tools get transformational results in life-long prevention of overeating AND to become the you, you love and want to be with ! I am a role model for Mum’s that want to believe they can be their ideal weight again.

Here is what a few of my clients have said about the program

"I was really pleased with the outcome and change to my way of life, that has come out of the program. I realised it wasn't actually about my weight but how I felt about myself, and in reviewing that, and making some small changes, losing weight was actually a bi-product of my overall better well being and mental health" Anonymous

"I have lost weight and grown in confidence with the advice and guidance from Rebecca. It is because of her I am wearing my size 10 jeans comfortably! Rebecca taught me to re-evaluate what, how, why and when I was eating so that I could figure out what was right for me. She helped me keep motivated and remain focused on a whole new way of looking at and enjoying food. I have broken life long habits - an addiction to sugar, which I never thought was possible which I’ve achieved through the calm, reassuring and practical advice from Rebecca and the tools she recommends. The way I eat now is for life and I cannot thank and recommend Rebecca highly enough."Hazel

I care how you feel right now. I understand that feeling, and I want you to know that I have the solution. Let me show you how to get control back over your food and feel empowered to become the best version of yourself. A version that you love and want to spend time in! 

I love every one of the clients that I have worked with. And I need to let you know, weight struggles happen to woman of all sizes. I love that they make a commitment to be honest with themselves and find out the truth of why they overeat or have a constant struggle with food. I love the way my clients make mistakes and learn that is part of having a human brain and being a human being. I love that they are willing to notice and question what they thought has been the truth for most of their lives. My clients are prepared to be uncomfortable because they learn this is necessary for growth. But most of all I love my clients because of the way they make me feel every time I have a session, and that is honored to be part of this transformation. 


I now work with clients in one on one and group sessions. You can feel safe and secure knowing you have got me as your coach in a safe and comfortable environment. You can even turn up in your PJ's if you like! (More for online clients!). Every client has slightly different needs to be considered when losing weight like medical concerns, age and lifestyle. There is no one size fits all when it comes to weight loss.


You deserve to be the best you can be and get the feeling of being confident in who you are and what you want to achieve. I want to show you how. Click here to take to enter your details and schedule your free 20 minute mini session to learn why you overeat. This is a no obligation call. If you decide to go all in and choose the discomfort of growth, I can definitely share how. Spaces will be limited for the mini session, so step into your vulnerability and take action to stop overeating by contacting me today. You deserve this!

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