Don't take my word for it, this is what my clients think...

100 % of clients would recommend my program to their family or friends

100% of clients said that the program gave them the solution to lose weight, keep it off and feel good about themselves. 

"I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with their weight and general negative thoughts around their body image, to go and see Rebecca. I found it a very empowering experience, Rebecca helped me explore my negative thoughts and the impact they had on my life. We worked through releasing these using several techniques, allowing me to realise how draining and unhelpful these emotions were. She helped shift my mindset and turn them into motivational and achievable goals along with other useful resources I can use for when I'm at a social function around food etc.

Rebecca is more than just a mindset coach, she really lives and breathes her passion with wanting to help you and stay on track. She's very patient and understanding.....I've even managed to lose a stone during the few weeks I started the course. I'm now looking forward to taking forward the new tools I have learnt and continuing with a much happier and healthier mindset."  Gemma

"I was really pleased with the outcome and change to my way of life, that has come out of the program. I realised it wasn't actually about my weight but how I felt about myself, and in reviewing that, and making some small changes, losing weight was actually a bi-product of my overall better well being and mental health. Rebecca is very easy to talk to and listens to ensure she is working towards your best interests" Anonymous

"I lost 8lbs on my 7 week course. However, it was more about what I gained and learned about myself. A very personal understanding of my emotions and behaviours around food and the tools to deal with them. I've done so many different diets but, being able to explore my thoughts on a 1:1 basis was key and so insightful. I cannot recommend this coaching course enough if you are looking for your forever solution to weightloss and to gain some powerful life tools. Thank you Rebecca!" Heather

"Rebecca taught me to re-evaluate what, how, why and when I was eating so that I could figure out what was right for me. She helped me keep motivated and remain focused on a whole new way of looking at and enjoying food. I have broken life long habits - an addiction to sugar, which I never thought was possible which I’ve achieved through the calm, reassuring and practical advice from Rebecca and the tools she recommends. The way I eat now is for life and I cannot thank and recommend Rebecca highly enough." Hazel

"I have been trying from age 11 to be the perfect weight , bingeing, sometimes starving and also using different medication to try to control my weight. I have gone to many different weight loss groups , and clubs really believing that the answer would eventually be found if I just kept searching . Since working with Rebecca, I have mostly learnt to trust that my mind / body knows what it needs and to finally trust it . I sometimes slip but when I do it no longer takes me into a full on binge cycle of despair and shame . Maybe at 57 I can say I have love for myself. Anonymous" 

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