Why you should learn to love the scales in weight loss

Research has shown that people who weigh daily keep weight off longer. However, we are a world that wants results quickly. You want to lose weight quickly. We have been conditioned that results need to happen pronto. You expect the same with your weight loss. Therefore, the relationship that you have with your scales may be rocky. It’s time to change that relationship with your scales.

The problem is when you jump on the scales and don’t see the decrease in the scales immediately, you use this as a way to beat yourself up, or as validation that you can’t lose weight, or that it is too hard, you can’t do it, and give up. It doesn’t make sense! Instead of continuing to take action and trust in the good decisions that will eventually lead to weight loss you give up and reinforce the thought that I can’t lose weight, or that it’s too hard.

But your body is made up of so many different parts: bone, muscle, fat, and mostly water, and your weight will vary many times in a day and over the week. A normal pattern of weight loss over a week (if you weigh at the same time each day), may look like the numbers going up, down, up, down, down. If you put it into a graph, it will more than likely show a horizontal wiggle worm. And, if you continue on a food plan and are making good decisions for your weight loss it will go down. If you don’t see the number move over a two to three-week period, then analyse your plan and see if you can make some tweaks.

Water retention can be a big culprit for the scale not budging. Often when you are making all the right choices and can’t see it on the scales, your fat cells will use the fat as energy, but retain water. This is why you may start to feel like your clothes are getting looser, but the weight is not coming off.

Other times your body retains water is after a flight, or when you are menstruating. My clients become good at being aware of this, and don’t make it mean something has gone wrong. People like to jump to the theory that it is a plateau. Give your actions a chance to work. If you know you are making good decisions and have a good food plan, be patient and wait for two weeks before changing or giving up. There is something in the weight loss world called ‘the woosh’. ‘The Woosh’ is simply the time when all the water gets released and you lose 2 – 4 pounds as the water leaves your body.

Weight is just a number on the scales, it is neutral until you have a thought about it. If you decide that the number on the scales means you can’t lose weight and you use that as a way to feel disappointed, or a failure then these feelings will lead to you taking actions against your weight loss. What have you got to lose by making it mean your body is working out the changes?

So how can you change your relationship with the scales?

  • Be patient, don’t be in a hurry to see that number go down

  • Trust in your actions and use them as your validation, because it feels good to look after yourself

  • Be curious and kind to yourself when you step on the scales. Don’t beat yourself up. Be curious to what your body may be doing. Could it be retaining water? Could it be working up to it’s woosh?

  • Understand that your body is made up of many different parts: fat, muscle, bone and mostly water. Weight does not drop off daily and may go up and down before coming down. And that’s ok

  • Don’t throw away the scale, throw away the thoughts that create you to feel annoyed, disappointed, or like a failure and make a conscious decision to think differently when you step on the scales. There is no downside to thinking I am making good decisions with my health and the scales will show that eventually. Focus on how good it feels to take care of yourself and let the bodies chemistry do the rest. If you don’t see a change after a couple of weeks, be curious and then you can take a look at your plan and make adjustments.

The solution to permanent weight loss is getting conscious, consistent, and taking care of yourself by making a series of decisions that you can continue for the rest of your life. Get in touch with me if you are ready to learn this new approach and get support for all things weight loss. Transform yourself inside. You can do this.

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