Why Yo Yo dieting is bad

When you decide you are fed up with your weight you may be inclined to google ‘Fastest way to lose weight’, or ‘is Slimming World or Weight Watchers Better’. You may even be tempted by a friend who has the latest pill, shake or potion that they say has helped them shed a few pounds. You may be a serial fad dieter searching for that miracle cure that will make you lose weight with little effort.

Does any of the above resonate with you?

Here is the sobering news, the majority of people who go on diets will regain their weight back. Here’s why…but don’t forget to keep scrolling right to the end, because that is where the useful information is that will help you with sustainable weight loss.

We see dieting as black and white, you are either on a diet or off a diet. Diets are temporary. If you get to your goal weight (or close enough), or finish your 30 day diet, you quit the diet. Maybe because you don’t want to keep paying for the luxury of being hungry a lot of your day, maybe because that is the recommended period for the diet, or simply because you want to be normal again and not laser focused on what you are allowed (or not allowed), to eat in a day. Then what happens? You slip back into old familiar habits and the weight goes back on.

Diets can be useful for you to follow a blueprint, or a plan. Your brain likes direction, so it is happy with this. However, you also have a primal brain that is wired to seek pleasure, often in the form of sugar. You try really hard to resist the sugar, but the urge becomes so strong it feels like you are eating against your will. You eat the sugary food. You feel bad, because you see the food as bad, therefore you must be bad. When you feel bad, do you take great actions for you and your health?

Or like many of my clients, are you bombarded with thoughts like ‘It is too hard’, ‘I am not capable’, ‘I can’t do it’, or ‘I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it’? You feel annoyed, disappointed, or frustrated with yourself and how do you cure for that… you eat foods that will make you feel better.

Those sugary ones in the back of your cupboard.

Being on a diet means restricting yourself. Restricting ourselves, feels a lot like deprivation. Deprivation is not a great feeling, and you might find yourself being resentful towards friends or family who offer you foods not on your diet regime. Deprivation means using will power to fight the urge to eat the food. Willpower is finite. Meaning, it will run out.

But the goal of weight loss should not be to better control and restrict yourself. The goal is to experience self-connection, and do things for you and your health. Not because you can’t stand the site of cellulite or muffin top in the mirror, but because you are important, deserving and 100% worthy of looking after yourself.

Society reinforces through social media that Mums should be self-less and self-sacrificing leading us living a life we think we are supposed to, not how we want to. Looking after yourself has benefits not just for you, but the people around you. It makes you show up in a different way. A way in which you feel proud of.

So you need to learn (well you don’t need to, but it sure would be helpful to keep your weight off), to do things FOR you, that are loving and kind, not as a form of punishment for the series of steps you took to be overweight. This comes from connecting with yourself, and building a relationship with yourself of trust, following through on yourself, being able to experience an emotion without eating to avoid it, and knowing that you can do hard things for you and your health, because you are worth it. You always have been, and you always will be worth it.

Diets are temporary but losing weight or sustaining weight loss is a series of good decisions that you make for yourself for the rest of your life. Short term diets cannot offer you this. Creating your own plan of what you will eat doesn’t need to feel restrictive, and it doesn’t mean you can’t eat certain foods. It does mean that you will make decisions ahead of time as to how often you will eat them so that you can continue to reap the benefits of feeling great both in your body and about your body.

Diets can offer you a ‘how to’ or a ‘quick fix’ option, but for long term weight loss and to build the relationship with yourself you need more tools. Tools that I offer in my stop overeating program.

These tools not only helped me lose the last of my weight, but they have helped me maintain my weight loss.

I no longer negotiate with myself as I stand in the kitchen staring at the Kit Kats in the cupboard trying to resist temptation. I no longer have the overdesire to eat sugar, and I can manage situations where in the past I would have totally stuffed myself and then berated myself for the action. I love having an even flow of energy during the day and not the sugar craving I used to get mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I love not spending so much time in the kitchen in indecision and negotiation with my brain about should I or shouldn’t I?. But most of all... I love looking after myself. Looking after myself doesn’t take time and love away from my family, it increases the energy and love I have to give them.

If you are interested in learning these tools and making these life changes then get in touch with me today.

Have a brilliant week



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