When in Rome do as The Romans

Updated: Feb 8

Back to New York, and we had had an extreme day of site seeing. My 9 year old son was going for his Uncle's record of 35,000 steps. He got to 34,000 before our stomach's and our bodies were telling us to stop and eat.

Our Air B and B was bordering on China Town and Little Italy. My husband and I looked at the children, we looked at each other, and we knew we had about 5 minutes before we were looking at using a fire mans lift to get them both back to the apartment.

My children love Italy and especially pasta (yes, the concentrated food made of flour). We cajoled them to walk the 50 paces to Nonna's Restaurant. The boys indulged in a good size portion of pasta before slumping down in their chairs trying to will their eyes open. The great news about Italian, is it's not all pasta and you can choose to eat not processed food, like fish, meat or even risotto (and your kids can fall asleep in the chairs).

So going out for dinner needn't be an issue if you are choosing to eat on a protocol which avoids flour and sugar. I have many clients who have struggled with addiction to flour and sugar in the past who use the advanced strategy of looking at the menu before getting to the venue. This enables them to plan and decide using their prefrontal cortex (smart brain), to choose foods that are on their protocol and for their future well being.


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