Unscheduled hunger causes delays

Updated: Feb 8

As discussed in an earlier blog, our bodies have a set weight they like to be at. Our bodies will make adjustments to maintain this homeostasis or balance. My body is at it's set weight and seems to be fairly regular in when it gets hungry. Today there were some unscheduled works going on in my body!

After a normal breakfast and coffee, I felt my body was telling me it was ready for some food. 'This is early', I thought. I chose to be curious. I did have to do a double check of whether the hunger was coming from a sensation in my stomach or from my head, as I was doing the 'hard work' of creating webinar content. It was right up my brains alley to try and urge me to get up and do something easier like get lunch.

But there were real hunger sensations. I reached the conclusion that I had been to the gym yesterday and thought my hunger may be telling me I needed some more fuel to help with growth and repair. I answered it's whim and went and fed it. However, at 5pm, it happened again. And while making a side salad I could feel my body shaking. So I whipped some beetroot and cheese from the salad.

So I evaluated that Ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger was in full effect tonight and trying to maintain my weight, and not let it drop. I ended up eating a larger portion of good food with great fat. Being curious allowed me to listen to my body and not beat myself up for eating at a time that was irregular. Caring about my body, enabled me to make good food choices of cheese and beetroot and not reach for the sugar fueled foods that I once would have craved. If you want some help in weight loss and developing a mind set where you care for your body and make good food choices, get in touch.

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