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Updated: Apr 8

This may be news to some people, but our brains have about 60,000 thoughts a day. That is 60,000 sentences running through our mind. Most of them on automatic pilot. We are unaware of most of them, just like when you are driving a car to school with your kids, you don’t have to think about it. Not managing our brains and our thoughts at this time is a lot like allowing a toddler to run around in a small room with a marker pen. Those thoughts will be causing chaos.

Lots of us think that things in the world happen and they cause a feeling within us. It is not the circumstance of corona virus that causes us to feel a positive or negative emotion, it is our thought about the circumstance. That is why some people are panicked, anxious and stressed and others are calm, caring and helpful.

But you can take back some of your power by recognising you can manage your brain and decide if you want to think these thoughts that are creating these negative feelings. The thoughts are optional! Be kind and curious as you notice these thoughts. You are a human being and it would be weird if you didn’t experience some negative emotions now. What I am saying is you have a choice whether or not to continue to think thoughts that are not serving you. Don't indulge to long in thoughts that are not making you take useful actions.

These negative feelings could be making you reactive with other people or family members, or have you reaching for more alcohol or food than ever before. These things will only lead to you causing more negative thinking about the actions you are taking. It may result in you beating yourself up for your actions. Be willing to feel your emotions and take a look at the thoughts going on in your head.

It could result in you feeling like your head is in a fog and you can’t think straight. Choose a different way to think about the situation that would serve you better, one that allows you to come from a place of calm and with a clear head. The place where you have the best wisdom to create, plan and strategise.

Find a thought that your brain can believe from the list below and practice it. Or create one of your own. If practiced enough, your brain will try and find evidence to prove itself true. Your brain will like the focus and deliberate thinking.

Good thoughts to think – find one that your brain can lock into, that can be something it believes

· Human beings are awesome – (or I am beginning to believe human beings are amazing if you are not there yet!)

· Everything will all be alright

· I will get through this

· This is temporary

· I can use this time to improve my mental strength

· This will make me stronger

· I can be a great role model for my children

· I can use this experience to teach my children about resilience

· Human beings have been through much worse than this

· This will produce some new ideas that no one had ever thought of before

· Humanity will prevail

· My health, not wealth is more important

· Wealth is not judged by money

When I was out the other day, I heard a shop attendant in his early 20’s say, this feels like Christmas. The tone he said it in was very neutral. Remember this is a circumstance, these are just words. What I made them mean, was, isn’t this a special time where everyone comes together with their families. There are definitely other ways to think about this, but that thought really served me and left me smiling at other people as I went on with my tasks. Find thoughts that are useful and helpful to you at this time. Not ones that leave you suffering in despair.

This is a chance for us to see how we can evolve to be even better versions of ourselves. We have got this!

If you find this material useful and want to take this work further to improve the way you are currently thinking and feeling, then get in touch with me to do a free 20-30 minute, no strings attached mini session. During the session we can look at your thoughts, offer you some help and you can decide if you would like to explore working with me in a one on one session to learn and apply more tools to improve your life. I have put on evening sessions to ensure that Mum's are able to get the support they need during this time.


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