To dumpling or not to dumpling

Updated: Feb 8

My children adore dumplings (or dim sim as you may know them by). They were born in Singapore and seem to have developed a love for Asian food by osmosis (that may have been the copious amounts of wonton soup when they were in my tummy).

Dumplings are made of flour. Flour is a refined and concentrated food that our body has not evolved to process in a way that does not affect our hunger hormones.

I guess the easiest way to think about this is if you remember back to the last time you ate pizza (flour base), or dumplings. You are able to pack away quite a few slices or pizza or dumplings and may even feel you are eating these against your will. Your hunger hormones do not recognise the condensed and concentrated amount of food you are putting into your stomach. These hormones do not send the signal to the brain to tell it that it is full, even though it has ingested a large amount of food. Compare this to eating rice in it's natural form, which quickly fills you up.

My son's of 9 and 7 were no exception to this rule and managed to eat what seemed to be there own body weight in dumplings. Even the Chinese Restaurant staff seemed to be checking under the table to see where the dumplings were magically disappearing.

But having a protocol, or a preferred way that I like to eat, the choices I have to make are easy. It cuts down the decision making and decision fatigue when I am given a menu. I know what foods I love, and work in my body and I know what will keep me in control of my eating. Mostly, I steer clear of processed foods. With that in mind, my husband and I opted for a lovely rice dish with some beautiful Chinese green vegetables. We rolled our two content children home after the dumpling affair.

So next time you are eating out, have a look at the dishes with the 'real food' not refined food. See if you can reduce the decision fatigue of ordering off a large menu, by reducing your choices to those that are good for your body. Take a moment during your meal to see if your hunger hormones are working and telling you if you are full. I challenge you to listen to your body and the signals it gives you. It has some great wisdom to share with you!


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