The highs and lows of plane food

Updated: Feb 8

Unless you have been super organised and preordered your food, eating the way you prefer to eat, can be tricky on an aeroplane. The timing and choice of foods is often out of your hands. It can be further reduced when the food trolley gets to you and your husband orders the last rice dish! The upside, of course, is that someone brings you your food, and you don't need to shop for, prepare or wash up!

I have a preferred way that I eat. And that includes minimal sugar and flour. The only problem on a plane is that these refined foods are staples. So I need to make an exception to my rule and not beat myself up.

But when dished up a plane meal you do have some choice. Making good choices in the way that you eat makes you feel in control of your eating. Making great decisions for you and your body contributes to a feeling of love for yourself. This is the best feeling to have to ensure the weight stays off.

So what choices do you have?

1. Choose the 'real food' vs ''refined food' meal. It is often flour (as in pasta), vs rice or similar. Choose the naturally occurring food i.e. rice. Wheat that makes flour does not look like a spiral or shape of ravioli. Think pictures of wheat on the side of a weetabix box. Refined foods like flour prevent our fat stores from being used for energy. This can lead to the inability of the hormones in our body to tell us when we are hungry and full.

2. Skip dessert - this brings on a feeling of deprivation for some and the ability to practice processing the feeling of an urge for other's. If you want to know how to process the feeling of an urge, check out my last blog on processing the feeling of fear vs resisting it. It is the same steps. If you want further help, contact me through the website to know more about this amazing skill. When losing weight, we need to decrease our desire for certain foods that cause us to put on weight. Foods high in sugar are one of those foods that add to the scales.

3. Plan ahead. Left in the moment, your primal brain will choose the instant reward or pleasure. Planning what you will eat in advance uses your prefrontal cortex or smart brain to make the decisions for your future well being.

Above all, take loving action toward yourself. I hope you enjoy your flight!


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