Choose the right fuel for your body

Your body feels great when you fuel it with good food. When you make the decision to listen to your body's sensations, and you are reducing processed and refined food you can tap into the hunger hormones messages that will tell you when you are hungry and when you are full.

It may however, 'roll it's eyes' if you decide to put something new in that is not a great fuel or in a quantity that disagrees with your engine. It is a bit like filling your petrol motor engine with diesel. It runs beautifully on petrol. Then all of a sudden you are giving it a different fuel that does not suit the engine. What can result is, The Bloat or in car terms, the splutter and reduced performance in both!

The new fuel I gave my body was a large amount of cows milk in a weight loss shake. My stomach was bloated and quite uncomfortable. I chose to trial the shake in an effort to experience what some of my clients have done or are doing to lose weight. After speaking to the brand advocate, she assured me that this was normal if you used cows milk, and maybe I should try almond milk (or a dairy milk substitute). Not being able to get to the shops meant that I needed to add water to the milk.

But this resulted in less fat in the shake and would not sustain me till lunch time. I would not feel as full for as long. However, this definitely stopped my stomach from sharing it's contempt for the large quantities of milk.

Therefore, if I had more time to experiment with the shake, I think it would be important to include a variation of milk that has a good level of fat content, or perhaps add some full fat yoghurt to some non dairy milk.

Every person is different and their body responds differently to food. Backing yourself and acknowledging that you have the best wisdom for your own body is an essential part of the weight loss journey. Reconnect with a body that you have perhaps disliked and chosen to ignore, and listen to what it is telling you.

Next was the cookies and cream shake for lunch - gulp!


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