The price of sugar

Updated: Feb 8

After the rather tough experience of dragging my children around the sugar filled cereal aisle in Asheville (see my blog 'Aisle overwhelm', if you you want the full rundown), I 'popped' into Waitrose in my home town of Fleet, UK. I must admit, I made sure I did this by myself to avoid any new conditioned desires that my children may be harboring from the US. I was curious to see what the cereal aisle had in store for me there.

But Waitrose had half the aisle of cereal. Not the Great Wall of China equivalent that we had encountered in the US supermarket. There were a lot more whole food options available that actually looked like grains in their natural form. I could almost feel myself walking through the fields of goodness. One thing to note here, is that Waitrose is a high end supermarket. The supermarket in Asheville can be classed in the more budget range of supermarkets.

So it seems that high end supermarkets and people with more money have access to healthier food. Lower income people have less access to these whole food cereals. Whole foods are more expensive, sugar is cheaper. This then becomes a bigger issue, of reducing the price of whole and unrefined foods and increasing the tax on sugar. Sounds simple doesn't it? The next step will be reducing the desire that we have conditioned in our children and ourselves to eat sugar. If you would like some help with deconditioning your desires for sugar get in touch.


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