Process of elimination reduces decision drama

Updated: Feb 8

We found ourselves in one of the much loved American Diner chains - really just because we couldn't wait for 2 hours in the Ella's Diner queue. We figured it was much loved, because it was packed, but this could have been due to everyone spilling over from the Ella's Diner queue? This place was big. The seats were big, the plates were big, the portions were big, the drinks were big, the amount of people using technology was big (oops I digress), and the menu was enormous - I think you get the idea.

In this situation I was so grateful to be able to reduce the amount of decisions by cutting down on the meals I would choose by eliminating flour or sugar. This was so satisfying (yes really!). My husband is allergic to fish, so any opportunity I get to have a piece of salmon, I am in. That coupled with some broccoli, potatoes and a awesome comment from Maria, our waitress of 'Good Choice!' reinforced.

So cutting out flour and sugar does not lead to deprivation but to relief. Not only in terms of weight loss, but in reducing decision drama when having to order off a 4 page menu. Practicing a thought such as 'I am taking loving action toward my body' can help with this. Drop a comment in the box below and let me know of your experience.


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