Planning your food is freeing

Updated: Feb 8

Eating on my protocol, I feel free. Free of making decisions of what I am going to eat, because I know what works best for me and my body. I am free of deciding what time to eat, because my body will tell me when it is hungry. I don't need to dwell in confusion and indecision. I can get to work doing all the things that will move me forward in life instead.

But lots of people think this is constraining. I challenge that the way I eat is not constraining, but free's up time by not thinking about food. I am able to use the time that I would have normally been making snacks, thinking about what food I wanted (and when I wanted it), has disappeared and creates more free time. I love my eggs, avocado and ham and I know it will fuel me until dinner. I have 2 options on what I eat for lunch when I am working, so decisions are made in seconds.

So, don't knock it till you try it. I am creating time and freedom from constantly having food on my mind. I love planning the weeks dinner at the beginning of the week and doing a big shop once a week. Decision Drama extinguished and so much more time for my business, family and doing what I want to do.

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