Pasta Rama

Not my favourite moment, but proof that I am a human being in the world. I completed my last weight loss shake at lunch with a hint of relief. I was missing my whole food at lunch, with fat and substance that filled me up until dinner time.

The importance of eating fat and whole foods, is that it fills you up until your next main meal. Snacking leads to increases in insulin and your body in fat storage mode.

But I had not been eating fat, or whole foods at lunch and my body was experiencing two types of hunger. A sensation in my stomach that was caused from my hunger hormones, and a message in my head that was making me feel deprived from not having real food. I still wanted to take loving action toward my body, so I grabbed a handful of nuts and a glass of water.

However, dinner was my downfall. My family have decided we would try including vegetarian and vegan meals into our week to help save the planet. My 9 year old had found a vegan recipe to try. It was a pasta dish (yes pasta!), with aubergine. I am all up for weight loss and sustaining weight loss using the minimal dose required. That means that I eat some family pasta meals. Only this time, my hunger hormones were going on strike as well as my normally obedient brain.

Interestingly, my children don't actually like aubergine, which made it an interesting selection for a new meal to try. So, I needed a back up plan. I resorted to quick and easy garlic bread (yes bread and flour!). I ended up having 2 small bowls of pasta AND some garlic bread!

So what have I learnt? Not to place server restrictions on myself by having 2 shakes a day (Please note: this may not be uncomfortable to other people). And definitely not to beat myself up for coming off my protocol. Instead, be curious as to why it happened, why did I eat the food? And then, take action toward my goal of sustaining weight loss by getting back onto my protocol and continue to take loving action for my body!


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