Only Cows should graze

Updated: Feb 8

When losing weight or sustaining weight loss, we need to leave enough time in between our meals for our body to reduce the level on insulin in our blood so our body can burn some of our fat stores. In our recent trip to New York, I was curious about how my bodies hunger level would be with a bit of jet lag, the cold and loads of beating the New York Streets. Was I going to be hungry in the middle of meals? What was my desire for different food going to look like. I felt I was going to have to pull out a few of my weight loss tools to manage this one.

But planning ahead and making a late night stop to the local China Town super market enabled me to get some good fat yoghurt, full fat milk, fruit and what appeared to be a porridge type concoction. In other words enough fat and food to make my body last all morning. When our tummy's warned us that they were needing to refuel we found a swanky little cafe in the theatre district which did the most glorious skillets of eggs and tomatoes (hold the bread).

Taking away snack stops when we travel gives us lots more time to take a look around the bright lights of Times Square and the bustling streets of NYC. Planning also meant we were prepared for the very real hunger that my little boys had. Chopped apples thrown in the back pack (in tuppaware obviously), was just what the doctor ordered to maintain endurance and eliminate the inevitable whinge.

So it's safe to say when travelling in NYC you can definitely maintain a great protocol and keep the snacks at bay, with some advanced planning. There are lots of great food choices which are free from flour and sugar, and easy to find healthy fats to keep you going longer. Although the smell of sugar is prevalent as soon as you step off the plane!

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