Celebrate making decisions ahead of time

Updated: Feb 8

Back to work after the holidays and back to helping my clients in their weight loss goals. Christmas and being part of a special occasions, or celebrations are an important part of life and often perceived as a difficult time when it comes to overeating.

After the December holiday period, many of my clients reported that Christmas Day was not as bad as they had expected in terms of their eating when they had planned for it. What a few clients find difficult is the portion size or notion of wasting food.

Planning ahead and making the decisions about when, what and how much you will eat is important. This makes sure your prefrontal cortex or smart brain is in charge. This is the part of the brain that is looking out for your future wellbeing and future weight goal. The brain that tells you it is a bad idea to eat the custard laden trifle. If not planned your brain, is wired to seek instant pleasure, and that looks like everything on the Christmas table!

Some of my clients like to make exceptions to the way they eat for a special celebration. Which is absolutely fine, but this needs to be planned! You need to decide what exception, or exceptions you will make. Will you choose to eat snacks, will you choose to eat 'seconds' of the Christmas dinner? Will you plan to do both of these? Writing this exception down allows you to be in control and not use it as a way to judge yourself or beat yourself up for acting in a way that feels out of your control.

But following through and building integrity and trust with yourself is where the work needs to be done. If someone tells you to have seconds of the Christmas dinner and you have planned not to. Don't feel rude. You are just honouring the commitment that you have made to yourself. You are important. Honour yourself.

So, DO plan to make exceptions for very special occasions, if you desire. Make the decisions ahead of time to make sure you have engaged the smart brain to be in charge. And remember, exceptions should be few and far between.


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