Magic is in Fairy Tales - Weight Loss Tips for a Fairy Tale Ending

There are so many weight loss diets out there all offering us the promise of a better body and a better life. I tried a few back in my day of dieting. I wanted to buy into the diet where I became a girl in a white swimsuit running down the beach or draping herself over a yacht. I don’t even like white swimsuits! The power of advertising hey?

We have all seen or heard about people who completely starve themselves skinny, or models and Spice Girls that have eaten only lettuce leaves to maintain their weight. Are these happy people who have achieved a fairy tale ending? Is eating lettuce leaves a way of eating that you can, or want to, sustain for the rest of your life? It certainly is not how my fairy tale goes. Is this really taking care of yourself? Is being skinny the goal or is being happy? I want to offer that being skinny doesn’t solve your problems or make you happy. There is another way.

We go on diets or take potions that mostly leave us feeling deprived and constantly battling with ourselves to continue with the hard road to lose the weight. Life becomes constantly about thinking about food and worrying if we are up or down on the scales

. When you see there is no weight loss, or a little weight gain, are you tempted to throw the new diet out the window, or throw your arms up in the air and say, “That’s it, I’m giving up, this doesn’t work”?. There is another way.

Many people looking to lose weight want to believe there is magic potion or pill that will make the weight fall off and life will be perfect. Fairy tale thoughts creep in like… my relationships will improve, my job will improve, I will know what to do with my life, I will be more confident around people I don’t know, people will like me, I will like me, I will be confident, my life will be way better there than here.

I am here to offer you it is not the weight loss that will improve your life, it is the journey that you experience along the way that shows you that you are capable and you are worthy. You are actually 100% worthy right now. When you choose to take care of yourself you show up in a whole different way. So, don’t be in a hurry on your journey. You may miss the lesson.

5 top tips to get you doing weight loss the right way

1. Choose foods that you enjoy, are healthy and feel good in your body. Foods that you would choose to eat for the rest of your life. If you don’t like eating lettuce for every meal, don’t do it now. Choose foods you will enjoy that will enable you to continue your weight loss and that you can continue to eat. Experiment to find what good foods work well in your body. Many of my clients discover that some of the foods they eat make them feel sluggish and lethargic, and notice a change in their energy levels when they start experimenting.

2. Understand that weight loss takes time, be patient. You will get there if you are patient. If you are frustrated, annoyed, impatient, stressed or disappointed when you see the result on the scales you will not take great actions towards what you put in your mouth. In fact, these feelings may be what started you overeating in the first place.

3. Understand that your weight will go up and down over a week, it fluctuates. Not because you have added fat, but because it produces blood and retains water sometimes, and if you are working out, you may increase your muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat. So be curious to how amazing the body can be, and be kind to small fluctuations. Allow it to go up and down during the week and expect about 1-2 pounds loss if you are making better food choices for yourself over a week or fortnight. It makes sense if you are making better decisions with the way you eat that the weight will come off. Keep believing even when the results don't come quickly.

4. Decide to take it slow. Weight loss is a series of small decisions that you make for yourself e.g. I will drink more water this week and less sugar drinks, I will change my evening snack to fruit and give up the mini magnum ice cream. Making manageable changes will stop you from feeling deprived. Don’t do it all at once, you are likely setting yourself up to use a huge dose of willpower. Willpower does not last. This will just fuel any thoughts you have around ‘I have never been able to keep weight off before’ or ‘this is hard’.

5. Notice your achievements and where you can be proud of yourself along the way. Just be curious about the mistakes. There is learning in all mistakes, so be curious and kind to what you notice. Can you create a strategy for the next time you are in the same situation?

If you are ready to take this work further to lose weight and build the relationship with yourself get in touch with me, I can help. I offer free no obligation mini calls to let you know some more about my signature Stop Overeating program and to see if we are a good fit. Let's do this.


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