It's a slippery slope with food on a ski holiday

When you are trying to lose weight or sustain weight loss on any holiday it is tricky. There are lots of temptations of food and associations that you have previously had with eating sugary rich foods, or just lots of food on similar holidays.

The skiing holiday is one which is laden with chocolate, bread, snacks and sugary drinks which you need to slalom your way around.

But the problem doesn't just lie in the food. There are a few other obstacles to contend with. Obstacles are things that might make it difficult to eat on protocol. These look like friends who try to get you to eat desserts and travelling with people who offer snacks before dinner. You may get the real sensation of hunger in the afternoon after a long day of skiing or go out to dinner and want to try whatever the local cuisine is on offer.

My husband says 'every problem has a solution'. And he is right.

So to solve for this problem, we create some strategies. I have worked through this recently with a client, who outlined her obstacles. Together, we created some strategies to make sure she could enjoy her ski holiday, not feel deprived, and continue to feel in control and taking action toward her goal of losing weight and keeping it off.

Some of these strategies involved: choosing to eat foods on her protocol and not eat bread, having fruit or a protein ball on hand if real hunger existed on the slopes, saying 'no' to desserts, being aware of her portion size and the size of the plate, having a drink instead of snacking pre dinner, and allowing herself an exception to eat off protocol one night to sample the local cuisine.

Planning these strategies not only allows you to anticipate the potential areas you may have overeaten, but it also allows for your prefrontal cortex (or smart brain), which looks out for your long term well being, to be in charge.

So enjoy your ski holiday and maintain your weight loss goal, by putting some plans in place, to avoid beating yourself up for any weight gain, and avoid deprivation by planning to have some exceptions. Remember, food planning needs to happen 24 hours in advance, including exceptions, so that you feel in control and continue to take loving action toward yourself and your body. If you want some support creating stategies to help you to lose weight, keep it off and feel in control of your eating, get in touch, I am here to help.


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