How do you want to show up with the new Covid restrictions?

A slight detour from my normal blog on weight loss, but I felt this could help you to manage your mind around news that further restrictions will be enforced. Restrictions are being imposed all around the world as we see raises in infection rates. Recent news of further restrictions to your life may be causing disappointment, upset, uncertainty, confusion, anger, resentment, sadness, frustration or anxiety.

It’s completely fine to feel these emotions, there is nothing wrong with you for feeling these feelings. You are living the normal human experience of emotion. Let the feelings in, but understand they are caused by how you are choosing to think about the restrictions. If you are experiencing feelings of confusion, anxiousness, stress or other negative emotion, I would like to offer you an alternative way to feel.

If you have been following my blogs you may remember the series I wrote surrounding being Calm through Corona and Controlling the Contollable. You might be interested in revisiting them as a reminder on why it is so important to manage your mind around this.

What I want to offer you today is a way to take your power back and take positive actions during a time when you may be feeling like we are at the mercy of the world and it’s events.

As I have done my own work on deliberately choosing thoughts to think, I notice I am able to come from a place of acceptance of the current situation. I am able to access thoughts that will allow me to take good actions for both me and my family. Here are some of my favourites.

  • It is the way it is, and I can’t control it

  • I can't control this and that's OK

  • Whatever happens, I can handle it

  • I trust I will create the best that I can in this situation

  • I trust I will know the next best step to take for me and my family

  • I believe that everything will be ok

There is zero downside to believing that everything will be ok.

You may question this, but let's see what happens when I choose to think the antithesis.

Everything may not be OK


Something might go wrong

How does this thought make you feel? Worried, confusion, anxious, stress?

What do you do when you are feeling this way?

Models that I do with my clients commonly show that these feelings lead to actions of ruminating on things that can go wrong, withdrawal from others, overeating, overdrinking, more reactive/ short tempered with loved ones, not making useful plans for their future wellbeing or sit in confusion and not move forward. Do you want to choose thoughts that everything may not be OK. Are they useful or helpful for you and your family and the way that you show up in the world.

Let's look at what thinking the thought I believe everything will be OK can create in your life. I have used my own model as an example.

This thought makes me feel calm, proactive, self certain and hopeful.

Adopting this thought and generating these feelings from thinking ‘I believe everything will be ok’, will help you continue to plan and move forward, to be creative in your ideas on what you can do with your family, to set goals to accomplish, to create ways to maintain your health and wellbeing and avoid feeling the need to use food and drink to feel better.

So, my question to you is …

What do you want to choose to believe?

How do you want to show up during these restrictions?

If you would like further help around managing stress and anxiety, get in touch through the contact details on my website here. Together we can look at your mind and you can learn tools to help you to feel calm, proactive and hopeful during these months. You are not alone. I have got you.



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