Hello Scale - cue emotion

Updated: Feb 8

I did anticipate that I would have put on weight after I returned from the United States. This was inevitable after having larger portions than my normal protocol and I did have more to drink than normal. I had planned for this. I had put on a little weight when I got home. When looking at the scales people make the number mean something. Thoughts like 'I can't lose weight', or 'I am hopeless', 'I can't control my weight'.

But I reminded myself this number was completely neutral. It was my thought about it that made it positive or negative. I had signed up for the increase in weight by eating bread and more refined foods. It also may have been something to do with the 4 cocktails I had when catching up with my good friend in New York. I didn't use this number to judge myself and use it as an excuse to quit.

So don't beat yourself up. Be kind and curious to yourself. The number on the scales is a science and a math. What did you eat (science) that may have caused the increase (math)? What does it mean about you... nothing! Just that you will get back to your protocol and eat in the way that your body and you feel great about. Honour yourself! Don't give up on you.

The only way you fail when working toward any goal, including a weight loss goal, is if you quit. Move on and continue to take action toward your ideal weight.


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