It's not rude to put yourself first

Updated: Feb 8

I had a meeting today to explore a Health Food brands pre prepared weight loss food range. I want to experience what my clients may have or are experiencing by using prepared weight loss shakes and drinks. Some clients enjoy the ease of a company doing the planning for them.

I teach people not to diet, as diets are temporary. It is more important to create a protocol combining a list of foods and times you will eat, that will help lose weight and keep it off in a sustainable way.

But I am curious to explore these shakes and powders in my body. This was my opportunity to sit down with the rep and do some experimenting. My only problem was that my protocol is not to snack and my meeting was at 10 a.m. snack time! I opted not to fast, but to have a light breakfast and signed up for the consequence of feeling full, or maybe even a bit bloated post experimenting.

My hostess gave me a cup of tea and a special supplemented water. After drinking 3/4 of both of these, I was already full and I had not even got to the food part yet!

Because I knew that I needed to put me first, I let my hostess know that I was only keen to try the amount needed to taste the product. Being a weight loss company brand rep, she completely understood. I drank a little of the shake and stopped when I was full.

So being honest and honouring the commitment you make with yourself by not overeating does not need to look like rudeness to others. In fact, being honest can lead to a more authentic meeting or relationship. Following through on your own plans shows you that you are important. It is empowering to deliberately put yourself first and an important part of losing weight and keeping it off. Many of my clients struggle with this. If you would like to take a look at this, get in touch, I can help.


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