Have you taken a holiday on weight loss? 5 Must knows before starting post holiday weight loss.

As the northern hemisphere come to the end of the summer holidays and you prepare to go back to work, or get kids ready to go back to school, you may be starting to think of kick starting a new weight loss goal. You might have already taken some steps to start. Yay for you!

Holidays are typically known for: catching up with friends and eating until you can’t eat anymore at a BBQ or picnic (in a socially distanced way of course), drinking a little bit more than you had planned, and the odd ice cream or ice lolly to cool you down on those hot (or not so hot) summer days. It often feels like taking care of yourself and relaxing, but may have led to you experiencing some negative consequences of weight gain, an out of control sweet tooth for sugar, or a new pattern of having a couple more drinks than you would like to have in the evening.

But after a period of taking a holiday on your weight and weight loss goals you need to be aware of some road blocks that will get in the way of you sticking to a new weight loss routine. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging, I have got you, and included the 5 Must Knows to help you negotiate the road blocks.

Road blocks to your weight loss goal

  • If you don’t have a food or drink plan in place 24 hours in advance, your primal brain will kick in, the one that is wired to seek pleasure and eat sugary treats. It has been conditioned over the holidays that sugar is essential for it’s survival. It is time to decondition that response.

  • Unhelpful thoughts will come up – these are sentences in your mind that you may have thought in the past when losing weight e.g. ‘I need the energy’, ‘I just want it’, ‘I deserve a treat’, or ‘This is hard’.

  • You may feel deprivation for going 'all in' on a completely new regime. Deprivation and resentment lead to thoughts of giving up.

So read these 5 Must Knows to ensure you are prepared for what may come up as you set off on your new weight loss goal.

1. Plan what food you are going to eat at least 24 hours in advance, so that you are putting the prefrontal cortex in charge (The brain that is looking out for your future wellbeing). More information on the neurology stuff can be found in my blog If I know how to lose weight why can’t I just do it’.

2. Know that you will have sugar cravings and understand that these will eventually go. Be prepared to feel them and know that this is just you taking care of yourself, even if it feels a bit rubbish at the time. Exercise feels a bit rubbish sometimes, but we know we are taking care of ourselves for the long term and feel proud after doing it.

3. Be ready for those unhelpful thoughts to poke their heads up – ‘This is too hard’, ‘I need energy’….. Practice a new, helpful and useful thought that will help you move through the unhelpful ones.

Don’t cover the old ones up, just notice them and make a conscious decision that you are not going to think them anymore. Try thoughts like – ‘I am worth it’, ‘I can do this’, ‘I am taking care of myself’, ‘I am open to believing that this will get easier’. When you think these thoughts, your brain finds evidence to make them true. I work with my clients to look at limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been present for years. Creating new thoughts and beliefs is the fun part. You are capable and worthy of a new belief. Doesn't that feel empowering!

4. Commit to your weight loss because you are important and worthy, not because you are punishing yourself for putting on weight, or being at a weight you are not happy with. Coming from a place of compassion and kindness will help you develop the courage to continue and the connection with your body to sustain the changes in your routine.

5. As a weight coach, I do not recommend a complete overhaul of your current eating and routine. Make small changes each week. A complete overhaul, may make you feel deprived and resentful. These feelings don’t work for long term weight loss.

Losing weight will bring up lot’s of emotion and thoughts that you will need to manage. My step by step approach of both learning tools and creating new patterns of thoughts will enable you to sustain weight loss and build the relationship you have with yourself. For more information, click here and fill out my contact form to get in touch and schedule a free call to see if my program is a good fit for you. Make sure you add your email address to the subscribe box to get my weekly blogs sent straight to your inbox.

Have a great week



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