Fuel your body

Updated: Feb 8

My inter club tennis team had a match away at another club. The match started at 10 on a glorious Sunday. I had anticipated the matches would finish at 1pm. But after a closely drawn out battle, my partner and I were still half way through a match at 1pm. Breakfast was at 7am and I had already had one match of tennis.

I know that hunger is not an emergency, but my body and my mind were telling me I needed to get some fuel to be able to have the quick burst energy and concentration required to get us to win this game.

But sometimes when we are trying to lose weight as an athlete or sportsperson, we neglect to listen to our bodies.

We are overweight because we eat more than our body requires for fuel. However, when you are a sportsperson or doing intense exercise you need to fuel your body in a way that will get the best out of it. Luckily for me I had a banana, so I scoffed that down (no mindfulness there!), and made it through to a tie break, which we sadly lost.

So listen to your body if you are a sportsperson or an athlete. When doing intense exercise your body will send you hunger signals if it needs refueling. You still have control over what you feed it to ensure you get the best out of it and it should not result in weight gain.

After intense exercise you may find that you body is hungry the next day, when it needs energy to repair and replace muscle stores of glycogen. Connect with your body and provide it the fuel it needs when it needs.


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