Fog Eating vs Mindful eating

Updated: Feb 8

Fog eating is eating without being aware. It is like eating a bag of crisps while watching TV and then realising you have finished the whole bag while not really tasting one crisp.

An airport in New York provided me with a perfect example of fog eating. I had never seen anything like it, an airport food hall which had a screen for every person at the table. Looking around I noticed that most groups of people were on a device of some kind and all children were engaged in bashing the screens while eating fries and nuggets while in a trance like state.

Sadly, my children were no exception. They slowly and mechanically loaded food from their plates into their mouths without a sideways glance from the screen. I swear we could have fed them cardboard and they would not have known. They had completely disassociated from their body. This is often what we do when choosing not to engage with the real world! We completely zone out and are left with the negative consequence of overeating while in a fog, or wasting time and beating ourselves up for not being in control of our actions.

So connect with the real world. Engage with your family and be present and mindful when you eat. Being mindful when you eat helps you to recognise when you are full, and make decisions on what foods feel good in your body. It prevents overeating, beating yourself up, or just short term physical side effects of feeling bloated or lethargic.


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