Flabbergasted with Food Signs

Updated: Feb 8

On our trip to Asheville, we were flabbergasted with the amount of food signs on the highway advertising fast food. I teach that problems around overeating can be solved at the level of the mind. The opposite is also true, all problems start with the mind. A fast food sign every 4 minutes is strengthening the thought of the brain to desire fast food, which can definitely cause problems if you are looking to lose weight.

Rewarding the desire and eating the fast food makes it even stronger! Sooo clever from a marketing perspective.

But being aware and curious of this clever marketing strategy, will help you recognise the increased desire you have is simply caused through repetition of seeing the signs. The urge you feel to head off the highway is simply that, an urge or emotion that is created in your mind by people who know how the human brain works - signs every 4 minutes with upside down W's.

So be curious and watch you brain think. Or even better, do some research and have a plan on where you want to stop and eat before you set out on a long journey. Let your smart primitive brain that is looking out for your future wellbeing, be in charge, and not the one that will go for the instant pleasure involving concetrated forms of flour and sugar that fast food chains offer. Choose well being and health over short term false pleasure.


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