Feelings scrambled by poachers

Updated: Feb 8

After having a coffee with a friend I came up with a great example of how our feelings are all created by our thoughts. You thought this was going to be about eggs didn't you!

Imagine a news headline 'man stomped to death by wild elephant'. I want you to consider how you feel. What is the thought that you had? Something like, 'oh no, that poor man', or 'that is so sad'. Hold onto that thought.

Now, you get the rest of the story. The fact is, a man is still dead, an elephant still stomped on him, but the man was a poacher and had killed the wild elephants baby. What do you feel now? Can you see that the way we think about the facts of our world cause our feeling.

Some people reading this may still think the man's death was a shame and feel sad for his family. Some people reading this may be happy that the man was killed. Whatever the thought that you have, it is optional. You get to decide what you want to think and this then will create the feeling you have.

But how does this relate to weight loss? It's simple, our feelings drive our actions. So if you are thinking negative results about your body and weight, you will feel bad and you won't take action to do anything about it.

If we get to decide what we think, then why don't we choose to think that our bodies are amazing, capable, and that we are important enough to put ourselves first? We could choose to honour the commitment we have made to ourselves.

Deciding to think a different way, does take energy. You need to manage your brain, but you get to lead a different life where you are deliberately choosing how you want to think, feel and you will take actions to get the results you dream of. Consciously thinking about taking loving action toward your body will help you reach your weight goal.


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