Fast for Love

My very brave 9 year old son had a scheduled operation and the requirement was that he didn't eat or drink from 7 am in the morning. His surgery was scheduled for 2 pm and was then pushed back till 2.30 pm. I decided to join him in his fast. It was more about not wanting to leave his side and not eat in front of him, because that would just be mean.

I planned my lunch and took a salad sandwich with me for when he went into surgery. This was a great plan, because at 12 pm the food trolley was being wheeled around the ward, which was dripping in chocolate and sugary food.

After my son had 'gone to sleep', I found myself quite restless. My hunger sensation was becoming more pronounced, and my body was telling me it wanted food. I decided to entertain myself by trying to taste every bite of my sandwich. This prevented me from a crazy binge eat, that would probably result in me looking for more food and not feeling satisfied. That would have been

Although this was not a proper fast, I will highlight when you are hungry, and have gone a longer period of time without food, you should avoid bingeing when breaking a fast. Another top tip is to stay hydrated. Although coffee is not the best for hydration it is good at suppressing your appetite, as it green tea.

So what did my son use to break his fast? Sausages and chips of course!! Just what the doctor ordered? After being so brave and courageous I allowed him a treat.


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