Drop everyone else's baggage, it's heavy! Choose compassion.

Yesterday I was reading some social media posts regarding the corona virus exercise rule. My thoughts are that most people are using social media for good and trying to choose good thoughts that will help them to live in the present moment, contribute in a way they can be proud of, and even consider how they or their businesses can grow through this time. Many people are managing their minds and looking at ways to maintain a positive mindset.

However, on this one day, a person was sharing an opinion and informing people not to go out for a walk. Another person responded with a reactive ‘name calling’ post. Judgement was rife. One was judging people for their decision to go for a walk, and the other was judging him for having an opinion. Both were trying to control the world. When we are afraid, we try to control things more. It’s how our brains work.

Here is the thing, we can’t control the world. We can control how we think about what happens in the world. That includes how we think about someone’s words or post. Our thoughts are optional. We can decide to let that person be who they are without reacting to it. We could even recognise that they are feeling scared, and that feeling angry is an easier emotion for them to deal with than being afraid. They may be resisting the feeling of being afraid and it shows up in reactive behaviour.

So, why not choose a thought that makes you feel compassion for that person. Not for them, for you. Understand that they are having a hard time dealing with what is going on at the moment. They are trying to control the world. Only you get to feel your emotion, so why choose to be angry with that person? They don’t feel it, you do.

You could choose to feel compassion. Compassion will serve you one thousand times better than anger. In fact, have a think about what actions you take when you are feeling compassionate, and what actions you take in anger. The other person does not get to feel your compassion, but it is a far nicer emotion for you to feel. Try it.

Here are two actions you could take today to feel compassion and love. Remember these feelings are great feelings for you to feel, and are available to you right now. You get to feel them with thoughts that you choose to think. Try one, or both, of the actions below that have been tried with success from The Life Coach School community.

1. Send 5 of your friends a message asking them to share one awesome thing in their day?

2. Send 5 messages of gratitude out to people who are contributing to help save lives and keep our community running e.g. a nurse or doctor you know, a friend who works in the supermarket, a police officer, refuge collector, postie, delivery driver, NHS workers etc.

The feeling you get is from taking the action. It feels good to send these messages. Don’t expect a response. Let people 'show up' how they choose. Don’t judge them in their responses, just have love and compassion.

If you need support with your emotions, relationships, thoughts, business goals, overeating, overdrinking or other challenges at this time I am here for you. I am offering 20-30 minute free mini calls where we can get you some help on the call, and you can see if Life Coaching would help you to use this time, as an opportunity to build mental strength and grow into a better version of yourself.

To schedule a mini call either email bexone@hotmail.com or message me on 07342789688. I will get in touch with available times for you.


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