Does fasting scare you?

Updated: Feb 8

I will be honest it used to scare me. I remember a lady at work years ago, who mentioned she was not eating for 8 hours during the day and I was really worried about her. Now I understand that it is important to eat when you are actually hungry, not just because society tells you it is breakfast, lunch or dinner time.I didn't used to let myself get hungry, for fear of what might happen, and now I look forward to it.

On New Years we stayed with our good friends in Asheville. Chef Sean created a scrumptious fondue of meats, seafood, veges and cheese. All foods that my body loves for fuel and help me to keep weight off.

But I had not taken into account the obstacle of being aware of how much I was eating (mental note to self to create a strategy to this obstacle next time!). After an hour of chatting, laughing, drinking and eating, my stomach told me that I had over done it. I was in a food slumber.

The next morning, I woke up and when everyone was having breakfast my stomach was not even mentioning any signs of hunger. It was still enjoying the feast it had had last night! So I decided to wait for lunch. Coffee is a good appetite suppressant so I decided to grab one mid morning to get me through. Hunger is not an emergency. Hunger is a subtle feeling that comes in waves.

So when lunch was pushed back till 1.30 p.m. I knew I would make it through. My body was now throwing out some hunger signals and now it was time to feed my body what it requires for fuel. Left over meat, seafood and vegetable fondue! Many of my clients have enjoyed the intermittent fast as a means to losing weight. There is some work to be done before this stage, so definitely get in touch if you would like to learn more.


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