Do you fall off the ‘weight loss wagon’ at weekends?

Updated: Jun 16

Do you find yourself with this thought on the weekends ‘I have eaten so well this week I deserve a treat’? This is definitely a thought that is not serving you when you are trying to lose weight. How about ‘a little won’t hurt’. This one does hurt, it hurts a lot, and is not helpful in weight loss. Watch out for these cheeky little sentences that your brain is used to thinking on the weekends. When you notice a cheeky thought you can choose what you want to do with it…

Do you want to obey it and eat the ice cream after dinner on Friday night when watching a movie?

Do you want to recognise it as an obstacle to losing weight and decide on a strategy to change the pattern?

Do you want to decrease your desire to have the ice cream?

Deconditioning your desire for sugar means you no longer experience that urgent feeling that you might internally combust if you don’t get the ice cream out of the freezer right now! It means that you can watch a movie without negotiating with yourself on reasons why you should or shouldn’t have the ice cream. This is using will power and it is stressful and tiring. Oh, and it normally leads to you going to get the ice cream anyway, making you think that ice cream is the answer to making you feel better. Except straight after it, you feel bad.

Weekends also provide us with excuses like ‘I didn’t have any control over what I ate’ (when I went to a friend’s house, out to a restaurant, or popped into a café for lunch and a coffee).

But you always have control over your eating. Choosing to think that you always have control over your eating will help you to continue taking positive actions toward your weight loss and towards yourself. This is weight loss done the right way.

Control over your eating when you are out, may look like not eating everything on your plate when you know you are satisfied, or asking for a substitute from the waiter instead of consuming foods high in sugar or flour. It might mean not choosing dessert, or simply requesting to go to a restaurant that has healthier food choices. Making small tweaks to your patterns is the key to sustainable weight loss.

I have many clients, who have overcome the obstacle of overeating on weekends by: planning ahead, asking friends what they are cooking for them, taking a healthy plate to a BBQ, choosing to read menu’s from restaurants in advance, or simply choosing to leave or give away the Yorkshire pud.

Great mantra’s also help for when you are in a situation when you would have overeaten in the past. You can try – ‘I am making better decisions for my health’.

So, don’t sabotage all the great decisions you have made during the week, by choosing to allow sneaky thoughts in your weekend. You have to put in a little work to manage these thoughts, because you have probably let them run unnoticed for a while, that’s where coaching helps. Look forward to the feelings of being proud of taking care of yourself, or just feeling great physically by choosing food that feels great in your body.

My 7 week one on one weight coaching program uncovers other sneaky thoughts that are stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off, as well as many other new weight loss tools that will make your weight loss manageable and sustainable. Go ahead and contact me to schedule a free mini call to see if this program is a good fit for you.


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