Date night dessert desire

Updated: Feb 8

We are put into situations around food, all the time which are stressful. Situations that make us feel like we are eating against our will. Going out to dinner with my hubby is one of those times.

Our boys were out an evening birthday party at a friends house, so we decided to make the most of it and went to the pub for a 5:00 p.m. roast dinner. A roast dinner is completely on my protocol, except for the Yorkshire pud (an English staple food that is made with flour, served with a roast and delicious).

I side stepped the Yorkshire pud, but then came out .... dun, dun, duuuunnn...The dessert menu. I have recently found out from a client that restaurant staff are told they need to get you the dessert menu as soon as possible after a meal, as you don't experience the full sensation till about 10 minutes after the meal. Clever!

But my husband always orders dessert. The old pattern was I felt deprived, I have a dessert, or say that I will have a bite of his (yes, very annoying). Nowadays, my desire for sugar is deconditioned and I do not crave the sugar in a chocolate brownie or apple crumble and custard. I do not feel the deprivation. I wanted to join him, to be social, but now my treat is a coffee, and definitely on my food list.

So, what used to be a stressful event and often led to eating out of control is now a lovely event. I have deconditioned my desire for a dessert and am honouring myself and my body. I don't feel deprived because I can still opt to have a drink that I enjoy. I think my husband must like the fact he gets to eat his whole dessert too!


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