Shake it up with cookies and cream!

A cookies and cream shake for lunch. It just sounds wrong doesn't it? Weight loss with cookies and cream for lunch? I can definitely see how the brand is thinking outside the box for overweight people who have a sweet tooth. They may be providing them with an interim step which is in a controlled portion size with better ingredients than actual cookies and cream.

But, my concern was how this helps clients reduce their urge for sugar. Part of my success with weight loss has been deconditioning my desire for sugar. So I was a little hesitant to try something that would effectively condition a new desire.

So, I chose to enjoy my 3 day trial with the cookies and cream lunchtime shake. What I found was that, I did not then switch back to eating sweet foods. These desires would probably build up over time. However, I did enjoy switching back to my real food lunch of eggs, ham and avocado.


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