Are you scared of dietary fat?

If your goal is to lose weight you may have switched to low fat everything. I used to eat low fat everything too. I eat full fat everything now and it is not only delicious, but it makes me fuller for longer, stopping me from experiencing unwanted hunger pangs when I want to be getting things done. When I am fuller for longer, I am not tempted to snack, or grab foods on the go. Easy foods like the ones that come in plastic wrappers. It has helped me to maintain my ideal weight.

Fat became a villain in the 1970’s. The world decided that one of our main sources of energy (fat) was bad as it caused heart disease and weight gain. Our body gets it’s fuel from carbohydrates, protein and fat. Because we reduced fat, we also decreased our intake of some protein which contained fat, such as meat and dairy. The world increased it’s intake of refined carbohydrates like pasta and bread. The result... the western world increased it’s average weight at a steady pace leading us to the obesity epidemic we have now.

Remember the old food pyramid with all the bread and pasta? Low fat diets did not work to stop people gaining weight. In fact, many health professionals would say now, that it increased it.

Low fat didn’t’ taste as good, so more sugar was added as well as many more refined and processed foods to fill the void. Snack food also became a feature.

But after 50 years of trying to prove dietary fat causes obesity and the worlds weight gain, Dr Jason Fung, author of The Obesity Code – Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss, maintains we still can not find evidence to prove this. Side note: his book is a great read if you have a scientific mind and love facts that are backed up by loads of research. It’s one of my favourites.

I challenge you to rethink your stance on fats. And I don’t mean the trans fats found in pastries, donuts, fried chicken, or packet cookies. I mean full fats like whole milk, butter, full fat yoghurt, avocado, seeds, nuts and extra virgin olive oil. These are all great fats for you, which improve your health. Unless of course you have an allergy or an intolerance to any of them!

You may feel a slight resistance to bringing back full fat, and that’s ok, it’s a change in thinking. Remember when avocado was a bad food because it was so high in fat? Now the world is calling it a superfood. It is possible to change our thinking.

Dr Rupa Aujla who wrote The Doctors Kitchen, highlights the importance of fat in your diet. He states in his book, that ‘fats including cholesterol, are vital to the functioning of our brains, the composition of cell structures and essential for hormone synthesis’. He as well as many other health professionals have changed their advice. Don’t fear good quality fat.

So, for health benefits and for weight loss, I challenge you to rethink your opinion of full fat and having good quality fats in your diet. Fat does not make you fat. I love a couple of squares of Dark chocolate (85% +) in my protocol, knowing I am putting good fat into my body. Changing to full fat not only helped me maintain my ideal weight, but it makes me feel like I am looking after my body. My tummy is fuller for longer, I do not want to snack and I don’t spend time in the kitchen negotiating with myself on what to eat when I am hungry. I remember that kitchen scene well... my hand often crept into the biscuit or kit kat cupboard.

Have a go at bringing back some good quality fats into your meals. Experiment to see if it does make you fuller for longer, or if you find the flavour more delicious than the low fat alternative. Instead of reaching for a shop bought biscuit or cookie with transfat, why not reach for a palmful of walnuts, cashew nuts or almonds. These are all good quality fats. Try some full fat Greek yoghurt on your breakfast or switching to extra virgin olive oil for cooking or salad dressing bases.

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