Calorie schmelorie

Updated: Feb 8

I had put on a little weight after my return from the United States. Completely expected by the increase in portion size and eating more refined foods and sugary cocktails.

But what I didn't expect was what happened next. Over the next 2 days of getting back on my protocol and eating in a way that I prefer (and my body loves), I dropped the weight and returned to my ideal weight.

Your body has a set weight that it likes to remain at. Think homeostasis - the body maintaining it's balance. For example, if you are cold, your body will try and keep it's body temperature constant by shivering, an action that warms the body up. If you are hot, your body will sweat to maintain it's temperature and cool the body down.

With food, if you reduce your calorie intake in an effort to lose weight, your body will adjust to maintain the balance. This may look like being hungry when you reduce calories, or feeling tired more often, as your body is trying not to burn energy so that it can maintain it's set weight. It thinks that you are not going to feed it, so it will hold onto what it has to maintain the homeostasis. This is one of the reasons watching calories can be difficult.

Therefore, it is important to provide your body with healthy fat foods that full you up so and fuel your body in a way that enables weight loss to be sustainable. That looks like more fat and less refined foods like flour and sugar. Your body set weight will decrease over time and you will not have to manage the feelings of tiredness and discontentment that comes along with always being hungry. For help to lose weight in a sustainable way, get in touch.


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