Is breakfast really the best meal of the day?

Updated: Feb 8

It is a controversial topic. You may have heard people say "it sets you up for the rest of the day", or "it is the most important meal of the day". Some weight loss experts say that it is best eaten later, only when you are hungry. Some experts say it is best eaten in smaller portions like the French Petite DeJenuer. Some experts say it is best not to eat breakfast at all and to fast.

I like to eat before I start my day. But occasionally I will leave it till later mid morning. This is not everyone's cup of tea. But it works for my body. How do I know? I listen to my body and it gives me the signs that I need to take action. I need to eat. It is a very subtle feeling in my tummy that comes in waves. It is not an urgent feeling. It's a bit like when your body decides it's cold, it will shiver, a sign that you should put on a coat. Or when your mouth gets dry, and your body is letting you know it needs water.

The great news is that when you reconnect with your body and understand when it needs to eat, you can use your wisdom to make the best decision for you!

So question the truth for yourself. Is breakfast the most important meal of the day for you? Do you need to have a big breakfast? Does your body prefer to have a late breakfast? Do you prefer to eat like the French a small petitie de jenuer? Do you like to eat the full English Breakfast with lots of good fat (skip the toast)? Tap into your body and listen if it's hungry when you wake up in the morning. Be curious and experiment with what works best for you.

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