Aisle overwhelm

Updated: Feb 8

"Let's just stop and pick up dinner from the supermarket tonight hon", I say in rather a casual tone. Half an hour later of negotiating with a 7 year old why he couldn't have 'that much' sugar on his cereal and why he couldn't have a macaroni meal with chocolate cookies in it for dinner, least because he didn't even like macaroni, was the straw that broke the camels back.

We had walked into the unknown. And the unknown was packed with new forms of sugar and flour in a way we had never seen packaged before. The children's cereal aisle was displaying bright and colourful characters that by the look of there eyes and colour had consumed all the sugar in the box! We were completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume and colour of the aisle.

But being kind, doesn't always look the way children think it will. Being kind to a child is not letting them have a big box of sugar, or a fist full of sweeties. Being kind is helping them to understand that eating as much sugar as you like can lead to major health problems and being overweight. We managed to walk out with 4 healthy(ish) frozen meals, an apple crumble pie and ice cream, this was the compromise, mostly for my husband! I will work on being kind to him tomorrow.

So the next time I say "let's just pop.... " anywhere, I may be confronted with and eye roll and a bit of resistance from my husband. When we get back to the UK I will enjoy supermarket shopping online, where we are safe from the cereal aisle and cartoon characters jacked up on sugar. I can plan what I am going to buy in advance and let my prefrontal cortex do it's job of looking out for my long term well being and that of my family.

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